People-oriented, is the cornerstone of the company culture precipitation. Cultivate, cherish, care for employees, people-oriented, adhere to. Honesty, diligence, frugality, and pragmatism. Have the courage to change, constantly study and study their own work, have the courage to change the unreasonable process, passion for innovation, self-management, self-transcendence. Actively listen to, predict and understand the needs of customers, execution is king, speed wins, to provide customers with satisfactory personalized services, to achieve a multi-win. The holding of various cultural and sports activities over the years is one of the highlights of the company's cultural environment. Such as annual staff travel, wonderful variety show, staff birthday Party, expansion training, mountain climbing, a variety of ball games, etc., we aim to enrich a bit of life, enhance staff cohesion, stimulate talent display as the goal, for all colleagues to provide a broad learning and display stage.