iPhone12Pro concept map: A14 chip + iOS14, Yuba 4 camera flush with the body

2022-11-11 18:30:34 62

Apple in accordance with the current release law, the next generation of mobile phones most likely is iPhone12 series, and for iPhone12 series mobile phones, the outside world has also been based on a number of rumors and exposed information, you can see a lot of concept renderings of the release.Here's a look at the new iPhone12Pro concept renderings. The iPhone12Pro concept renderings look like advertisements, very beautiful and attractive. Let's take a look at the concept renderings of the iPhone12Pro and see what's different.


The design of the iPhone12Pro in the concept rendering, even the presence of the fringe screen is so artistic.

In the concept rendering, the screen of the iPhone12Pro is designed to resemble a swimming pool, while the fringe screen is represented as a springboard at the side of the pool.

The four cameras on the back of the iPhone12Pro are also given a new interpretation in the concept rendering. The camera module is designed as a table, and the camera is designed as the tableware on the table.