Revenue is less than 1/2 of Amazon. Revenue is only 35% of Microsoft's annual revenue. Google Cloud is ready to go desperately

2023-01-06 16:33:32 6

The so-called speed of life and death is pressing, and the global cloud computing market has not left much time for Google. This makes Google Cloud have no time to take into account the slow-line investment in cloud computing projects, but directly opened the buy-buy-buy model to conquer the city. On July 9, Google announced that it would acquire Elastifile, a cloud storage service provider, soon. After the merger, Elastifile can provide more technical support for Google cloud computing. Elastifile will integrate with Google file storage services to support a wider range of computing and storage capabilities.

Just a month ago, Google also spent $2.6 billion to acquire data analysis company Looker. The company's visualization tools allow Google Cloud enterprise customers to discover patterns and trends in large-scale data. These cloud computing-based analysis tools will also be integrated into Google's cloud computing product line. Google hopes to incorporate Looker into its cloud division and use the company's technology to enhance its "multi-cloud strategy."

At the same time, Google is also discussing cooperation matters with software supplier VMware. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will help Google Cloud develop large-scale enterprise customers.

Hiring all the heroes to strengthen the marketing force, Qiu Ruian built a direct team

The above two acquisitions were all led by Thomas Kurian, the new CEO of Google Cloud Computing. But after Qiu Ruian arrived at Google, he was not only domineering buying, buying and buying, but also sharpening his knife to "personnel" in order to strengthen Google's cloud computing market through personnel management.

As early as the beginning of this year, Qiu Rui'an stated that he would greatly expand Google’s cloud computing sales force in order to attract more of the world’s top 500 companies to become Google’s cloud computing customers. Then, with the momentum of thunder, large-scale adjustments to the management structure of the sales department were carried out.

Sunia Technology Inc.

, Qiu Ruian also brought Oracle's vice president Amit Zavery (Amit Zavery) and Hamidou Dia (Hamidou Dia).

In addition, Qiu Ruian also expanded the scale of Google Cloud's professional services organization. This professional team is led by Vice President Jason Martin. He is the top VMware who followed VMware co-founder Ge Lin to enter Google Cloud Computing. One of the tubes.

People in the industry laughed and talked about Qiu Rui'an's vigorous and resolute style. Under his leadership, Google Cloud has changed a lot, business has increased, and the personnel structure has changed, but only one thing has not changed: Google Cloud is still ranked in the cloud computing market in Amazon and Microsoft. After that, it ranked fourth.

Today, the Google Cloud team can be described as a variety of heroes to help out, assembling the former executives of Oracle, SAP and VMware. I just don’t know whether the direct force led by Qiu Rui’an after taking office can quickly help Google Cloud achieve market share growth.

Postscript: Google Cloud wants to turn over quickly, is it easier said than done?

IDC released a global cloud computing market survey report in March. The top five global cloud computing markets in 2018 were Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, IBM, and Google. Google ranked fifth.

According to the 2018 global cloud computing market data released by Gartner on July 10, the top five vendors were Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, Google, and IBM, and Google ranked fourth. Even Alibaba Cloud came from behind, surpassing IBM and Google to enter the top three global cloud computing market shares.

According to statistics from data agencies, in the first quarter of 2019, Google's share of the global cloud computing market was only 8%. In comparison, Microsoft's market share is 16%, twice that of Google, and Amazon AWS has a market share of 33%.

It is really difficult for Google Cloud to quickly expand its market share in the short term.