Huawei’s quarterly shipments surpassed Samsung for the first time, but the only brand that achieved year-on-year growth was not Huawei

2023-01-06 16:34:06 4

There are many uncertain factors in the smartphone market in the first half of 2020, but fortunately, the world's largest smartphone market, the Chinese market, quickly resumed supply and shipment, which at least allowed the shipments of domestic mobile phone brands to recover quickly. This is a very good factor for Huawei, which has been hindered in its development in overseas markets and has shifted almost all of its focus to China.

Sunia Technology Inc.

IDC, a world-renowned data research organization, released the smartphone market shipments for the Q2 quarter of 2020. What is surprising is that Huawei finally achieved the previously set target, with shipments reaching 55.8 million units in the Q2 quarter of 2020. Although shipments in the Q2 quarter of 2019 decreased by nearly 3 million units, a decrease of 5.1% year-on-year, the market share increased from 17.7% to 20%. At the same time, it has become the world's number one mobile phone brand in the Q2 quarter of 2020, but This may also be the limitation of Huawei in overseas markets, thus stimulating Huawei's potential in the Chinese market and offsetting losses in overseas markets with shipments in the Chinese market.

Sunia Technology Inc.

If Huawei's first place is inseparable from its own efforts, then there is another factor that makes Huawei the world's number one, and that is the sharp decline in sales of Huawei's competitor, Samsung. This result is foreseeable. Since the negative news of "Samsung mobile phone explosion" appeared in the Chinese market, Samsung’s shipments in the Chinese market can only belong to the second echelon with Meizu Technology. For those who do not understand the smartphone market, it is difficult to imagine the world. The number one mobile phone brand in shipments ranks in the second echelon in the world's largest smartphone market.